Changes in Health Care Impact Jackson County Regional Health Center

In 1981 revenue from inpatient care at Jackson County Regional Health Center’s was 90 percent of total gross revenue. In 2016, inpatient revenue Transition from Inpatient to Outpatient Servicesprovides less than 10 percent of total gross revenue. Outpatient revenue is slightly more than 90 percent.

“What has happened is that advances in health care treatment and technology have made it possible to treat patients before they need an inpatient stay,’’ explained Curt Coleman, administrator of Jackson County Regional Health Center. “That is great for patients. No one wants to need to be in the hospital.

“But because of the transition to more outpatient services, our facility now is outdated.  We have a facility that frankly, looks its age.  We’ve come to a crossroads as a community where we either must attempt to retrofit the facility to meet the changing healthcare trend, or move into the future with a new facility that would be more of a health center, with outpatient services and surgery, physician offices, rehabilitation services and fewer acute care beds.

Curt Coleman, President Critical Access Hospitals

Curt Coleman,
President Critical
Access Hospitals,
Genesis Health

“Jackson County Regional Health Center is your regional health center. We’ve been here for 66 years and plan to be here for many more to serve the needs of the region.  To do that, we need to think about how best to physically serve those needs with a modern facility.’’

To retain a viable health center in Jackson County for decades to come it is time to take a close look at our direction. We’re actually “late to the game’’ in this analysis. Many Iowa county-owned hospitals have already built new facilities or renovated existing facilities.

The future of your health center is important. 

We hope this information will open the lines of communication. We’ll be very visible in the public asking for input about our direction, so plan to attend an upcoming town hall to learn more about the future of Jackson County Regional Health Center. 

Changes in Health Care