Sleep Disorders Center

JCRHC Sleep Disorders Center works closely with Genesis Medical Center Davenport to provide patients with comprehensive treatment and diagnostic testing. If you are having trouble sleeping we may have the service to assist your medical practitioner in determining the cause with a test called a polysomnogram.

A polysomnogram is a recording of the electrical activity of many different sleep functions.  A polysomnogram is used to diagnose sleep disorders including:

Sleep Apnea cessation of breathing
Myoclonus leg jerks
Insomnia inability to sleep
Parasomnias sleep walking, night terrors
Narcolepsy excessive sleepiness,
frequent daytime sleep attacks

Hours of Operation

The center is open on Thursday and Friday nights.  Patients arrive at the hospital at 8:00PM and spend the night sleeping during testing and leave the department around 6:00AM.

Test Information

You are monitored for brain wave activity, eye movement and muscle activity through several small disc sensors applied to your scalp and face.  Your breathing effort is monitored by a sensor placed at your nose and small discs placed on your legs record leg movements during sleep.  Despite the monitoring devices, most patients find it easy to fall asleep.  A certified technologist monitors you during your sleep study.  Your sleep study will be read and interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep physician with study results sent to your medical practitioner. Your medical practitioner will share test results with you.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies, along with Medicare and Medicaid do not require a prior authorization for a polysomnogram or sleep study.  However it is always a good practice to call your insurance company to confirm payment for any health related procedure.