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Speech and Language pathologist or therapist is medical professional with master’s level of education in speech and language to utilize comprehensive evaluation skills to fully assess cognition, language, communication, voice deficits, swallowing and eating and provide detailed action planning for treatment in any of these areas for both adults and children. At Jackson County Regional Health Center – Speech Therapy strives to provide 1:1 ratio of care to evaluate, analyze findings and design a comprehensive treatment plan to reach your specific goals. With a commitment to service excellence, we provide effective treatment programs expressly designed to meet your specific needs.

Here at Jackson County Regional Health Center we are unique to provide care and treatment to include inpatient services including 23-hour observation, inpatient care and skilled care services to improve the quality of care and provide discharge to home at highest level of function for you. We also provide Outpatient Speech and Language therapy for many commonly diagnoses including: Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech, Dementia, Dysarthria, Expressive and Receptive language, Swallowing disorders, Voice disorders, Neurologic disorders and Autism.